I am a South African wedding & lifestyle location photographer living in the Winelands of the Western Cape.

I tend to see life as a series of pictures, beautiful heartfelt moments at every turn and I love to capture them, because blink and that magical fleeting moment passes, perhaps replaced by a new one or sometimes, simply gone.  Life moves so fast, we experience so much – we change, our lives take all sorts of turns, we do things, see places, meet people, we make commitments – anticipated occasions come and then slip by all too quickly, friends and family often end up far away, we grow, our kids grow and during all this incredible activity called life, there’s just so much to be grateful for, so much to treasure….

I’m fuelled by the moments and memories which I capture – be they mine, or yours.

I’m someone who loves life, loves the mind-blowing detail even in the little things around me and I’m constantly in awe of all that I see.

I’m passionate about my world, my people, my places and am truly grateful every day for them.

I’m Albie’s right half and he’s my constant & very solid Left,  I’m mom to Alex (our gorgeous feisty gregarious wee man) & Dusky (our beloved staffie) – I’m a sister, an aunt, a friend and an in-law and I love them all fiercely!

Life IS good!

I have always had a passion for documentary, people and travel; this from the very first National Geographic projection we were shown in Class 1 @ St Patrick’s and further kindled through Art at a very young age and which slowly and naturally evolved into photography.

I had a dream of exploring the world which lead to Tourism.  Timing in SA wasn’t ideal to pursue that career path, so jumped on a jet-plane & traveled.  After my return and a stint in Durban I moved to the Cape in 2008 to study DTP, I then joined, what became a much-beloved magazine industry that had me intrigued & besotted for many years.  I met and worked with so many incredible people who influenced and shaped the way I still regard business today.  I picture edited local glossies and eventually moved on to international procurement  – all the while being constantly inspired by countless creatives and photographers along the way.  Years later I reversed roles to a leading local picture agency representing many of the best international photographers out there and busied myself supplying both media and advertising with cutting edge work, but eventually, my own creative desires could no longer be ignored and now I can say I’m reveling in following my own creative dreams.

I love what I do and whilst I never thought it possible, have never worked harder for so much less and yet so much more!

I am inspired daily by the simplistic beauty around me in this very real world and am blessed to have the desire, ability, and God-given talent to photograph it and I look forward to capturing ongoing chapters of your story for you!

Welcome to my online space, please explore these pages and visit some of my friends – perhaps some are yours too.  Feel free to take the time to get to know them and hopefully my images will move you.  By all means, fill in your details below to drop me a line – ask me anything you wish or subscribe to hear from me down the line and let’s get to know each other a little better.


Huge thanks to my wonderfully talented friends for these profile images – Angie & Cecilia




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