Extreme Biz Makeover

Are you tired of your business’s marketing? 

Feel that you aren’t getting results? Or is marketing such a foreign term that Greek is more your style?

Fear not! Extreme Biz Makeover is a competition you need to enter! We are giving away R27 000 worth of advertising to jump start your marketing plan!

So who are we? We are “The Marketing Cartel” and Shantelle Visser Photography is a part of our amazing group of marketing professionals. The Marketing Cartel exists out of a unique group of individuals who’ve banded together through a business network called BNI. We can take your businesses goals to the next level!

The group consists of a videographer from The House of Vizion (www.houseofvizion.co.za), social media strategist from Social Happiness (www.socialhappiness.co.za), a web developer from Lochtech Innovations (www.lochtec.com), Shantelle Visser Photography (www.shantellevisser.com), printing specialists Campus Solutions (www.campus.solutions) and The Visual Intelligence Engineer (www.vie.co.za), a freelance graphic designer.

Together we aim to transform your business goals and strategy to up your market exposure.

So what now? Head over to www.extremebizmakeover.co.za and enter yourself, friend of family member by filling in the entry form at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind, we’re looking for a Helderberg based businesses as we believe local is LEKKER!!

Remember to like us on Facebook @extremebizmakeover and Instagram @extremebizmakeover to follow the competition.

Competition closes for entries on 13 September, so GO, GO, GO!


Design:  The Visual Intelligence Engineer  | ww.vie.co.za
Photography: Shantelle Visser Photography | www.shantellevisser.com
Printing:  Campus Solutions |  www.campus.solutions
Social Media Strategy : Social Happiness | www.socialhappiness.co.za
Video Production: House of Vizion | www.houseofvizion.co.za
Web Developer:  Lochtec Innovations |  www.lochtec.com


and very special thanks to Kat from Vizion for capturing the team!





Win with the Marketing Cartel

– Head over to extremebizmakeover to enter!




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