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I’ve been on an incredible journey getting to know my ‘hometown’ that much better through joining BNI and in that, am meeting such amazing people – homies if you like, whom I otherwise might not have crossed paths with, and what excites me above all is the immense amount of talent that obounds in the Helderberg and it’s business offering.


Martie reached out to me for a profile shoot so of course I was game, as I truly believe that clients are more likely to work with you when they have a better sense of who you are, and how you can help them!


The consult

Not long into our chatting about what we could do with her session,  I realised that we could have way more fun rather showcasing the story of A Day In The Life Of Martie Woehoe, (I mean who would want to pass up the opportunity of living vicariously through this talented woman, and of being inspired by the beautiful shapes, textures & colours she gets to bring into peoples lives – I for one was all in!).


The shoot  

So we did exactly that – spent the morning capturing her doing what she does best – working on beautiful concepts, keeping up with new trends & jaw dropping fabrics, liaising with co-creators like Donovan from DH Architecture, marketing suppliers and keeping a personal eye on produciton.   


The result  

She then used a number of the images we shot to pull together with her designer, Johannes from The Visual Intelligence Engineer, her keynote presentation a coulple of weeks later, and once again that proved just how much easier it is to showcase how you do what you do, when you have beautiful visuals to work with!


So if you are looking to add a pop of colour, some rich texture, a striking art piece, new blinds or indulge in an entire makeover, connect with Martie and see how she can bring new life into your living or work spaces.



“I was very excited to get a professional portfolio at long last, yet so nervous. How on earth could there be one natural looking photo with a nervous wreck as model??…. Well, more professional, calming and patient you can’t get! Shantelle, thank you for a fantastic job done! The portfolio is so useful in marketing my business and the message each image portrays is spot on of my personality and my profession. I can not stress the value of it enough! 

– Many, many thanks.”  Martie


Scroll through the gallery below:


Or have a page through her presentation:



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